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QMC | Fertility Clinic

Newton Construction was proud to undertake the development project for the University of Nottingham Hospitals NHS Trust at the Queen's Medical Centre. This project aimed to expand and enhance the Fertility Services at the hospital, catering to the growing demand for comprehensive fertility diagnostics, treatments, counselling, and support for both NHS and privately-funded patients. key objectives were prioritising patient comfort and accessibility in the design and layout of new fertility offices, ultrasound, and consulting rooms. Incorporating the latest medical technologies to enhance the quality and precision of fertility diagnostics and treatments.


Creating a modern staffroom to promote a positive and supportive working environment for the healthcare professionals involved in fertility services. Adhering to all relevant regulations and safety standards to ensure the well-being of patients, staff, and visitors. Efficient project management to meet or exceed project timelines, minimising disruptions to ongoing medical services. Newton Construction is committed to delivering a cutting-edge and patient-focused expansion of the University of Nottingham Hospitals NHS Trust's Fertility Services at the Queen's Medical Centre.

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