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University of Nottingham Hospitals NHS Trust
Loxley Ward

Newton Construction is pleased to showcase its successful completion of the renovation project at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust's City Campus, specifically focusing on Loxley Ward. This project, executed within a tight two-week decant period, involved a range of essential upgrades and refurbishments to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the ward.

The primary objectives of this renovation were to create a more functional, aesthetically pleasing, and compliant environment within Loxley Ward. The upgrades were designed to enhance patient care, improve infection control measures, and provide a modern, accessible space for both patients and staff.

Newton Construction takes pride in successfully delivering a high-quality renovation at Loxley Ward, contributing to the ongoing commitment to excellence in healthcare infrastructure. We are dedicated to the seamless execution of projects that prioritise functionality, safety, and client satisfaction.

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