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D55 Ward Refurbishment and Rooftop Plant Room, Queen's Medical Centre

The D55 Ward Refurbishment project at Queen's Medical Centre involved a significant external component with the creation of a new rooftop plant room on the South elevation. The external brief involved the creation of a perimeter enclosure with the construction of a brickwork wall on the existing roof slab. Structural enhancements with the installation of steel decking and Dunbar flooring.


Erection of a 6,500 high steel structure clad, in fire-resistant materials. Roof structure, guttering, and two plant room access doors with ramped access. Reconfiguration of drainage involved the modification of floor drainage and roof falls to optimise natural flow and functionality. Internally, the refurbishment focused on aligning with updated Covid-19 requirements, emphasising air quality and infection control. Facility reconfiguration with the demolition of existing facilities to create isolation bays, adhering to Covid-19 protocols. Installation of new air handling units and modifications to existing ductwork, heating and cooling systems, domestic water systems, and above-ground drainage.


Electrical works included, new distribution for the mechanical plant room, installation of a new UPS supporting the IPS for the ward and modifications to lighting, fire alarm, nurse call, and small power systems. Implementation of measures such as new walkways above the ceiling, ensured solutions for easy maintenance of mechanical and electrical services.


The successful completion of the D55 Ward Refurbishment and Rooftop Plant room project underscores our proficiency in executing complex healthcare modifications. Our demonstrated ability to overcome external and internal challenges reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes within specified budgets and timelines.

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