Arkwright Meadows Community Garden

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Arkwright Meadows Community Garden

£200k new building designed by Gil Schalom Architects for Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens

Work commenced on the 12th September 2011

168 tonnes of spoil have been excavated  and transferred across the site

Arkwright 1 003

to form an Amphitheatre, which is just awaiting the seed.

Arkwright 1 007

The original design included piled foundations, this was due to the public

surface water and foul drain directly under the proposed new building

indicated on the drawing below.

severn trent drawing

After discussions with Severn Trent it was agreed that a raft foundation

designed by Nicholls Colton could be used in lieu of the original design.

The drains were installed under the new substructure

Arkwright 1 011

A Geotextile membrane placed on top of the compacted ground

Arkwright 1 017

140 tonnes of 6F2 Stone transported in for the 500mm thick sub

base, levelled and compacted ready for the next stage.

.Arkwright 1 026

50 tonne of MOT Type 1 stone,10 tonne of sand blinding to form

the base for the proposed reinforced concrete raft and toe beams

Arkwright 1 032

A membrane was placed over the sand blinding and the steel toe beam

reinforcement placed into position.

arkwright 2 006

Formwork was then constructed in order to form the toe beam detail

arkwright 2 007

Everything checked, inspected and ready for the concrete

arkwright 2 010

45 m3 of concrete was then poured into the formwork

arkwright 2 018

The completed concrete base ready for the insulation and screed

arkwright 2 039

Formwork stripped and ready for the substructure

arkwright 002

Formation of toe beam 450mm wide and 300mm deep cast as part of the floor slab

arkwright 003 

 arkwright 001

A 102mm class B engineering brick outer skin 12 courses high to form a brick plinth as part of the

flood protection measures

arkwright 005

100m wide DPC incorporated at slab level to the external leaf

arkwright 009

Side elevation, opening is the proposed sliding doors which will look out onto the gardens

arkwright 013

Insulation below plinth level

IMG00097-20111102-1510 (3)

External wall insulation 250mm thick


Same view, outer leaf of 100 mm thermalite is to be rendered on completion

arkwright 016

Rear elevation windows to be glazed in obscure glass

arkwright 017

Front elevation opening for proposed barn type door to enable food to be passed out

arkwright 015

Internal flood defence detail. 140mm Marmox Thermoblock block withe 140mm thermalite for thermal

conductivity, 140mm concrete block with cut to line up with external brick plinth top, 1200 gauge recycled

polythene lapped into outer and internal level to form barrier.

arkwright 018

Cavity below flood defence filled with Quinntherm 200mm thick PIR insulation

arkwright 019

Insulation below the plinth incorporated within the flood defence barrier with teplio ties


End elevation side view

arkwright 022

Front elevation

arkwright 025

Internal view

arkwright 032

Side /rear elevation

arkwright 034

View internally of rear sliding door opening

arkwright 035

Parge coat prior to installation of glulam beam to increase air tightness.

arkwright 3 002

Installation of JJL Joists, sloping 1 degree 146mm over the width of the building 8350mm

arkwright 3 006

Internal view from underside

arkwright 3 007

Installation of Glulam and steelwork beams internally

arkwright 3 012

Air tightness tapes prior to installation of the decking, overall cavity thickness is 500mm

arkwright 3 009

Completed roof joist installation with 150mm timbers to support up stand detail

arkwright 3 015

Front elevation

arkwright 3 017

Internal view looking towards the sliding doors

arkwright 3 022

Internal view looking towards the front side elevation

arkwright 3 030

Internal view towards main entrance door and proposed disabled toilet


Proposed disabled toilet


Detail above window heads, polythene to be lapped around window head, reveals and cill

arkwright 3 028

18mm OSB Roof decking screwed to JJL Joist

arkwright 4 004

Up stand detail to allow 300mm roof insulation

arkwright 4 005

View externally of up stand detail to gutter elevation to be clad in Green oak

arkwright 4 014

View towards the front elevation


Front elevation up stand detail 700mm high to allow 150mm parapet

arkwright 4 013

Roof area with up stand, double sided butyl tape fitted over joints for air tightness which in turn sticks

to the underside of the polythene

arkwright 4 008

View of roof towards the rear


Rear elevation view sliding door elevation

arkwright 4 012

Front Elevation view

arkwright 4 011

Polythene membrane and 300mm thick insulation to roof prior to the sarna roof covering

arkwright 4 019

Internal view towards the front elevation, proposed store/office

arkwright 4 017

Internal rear elevation view, window/door reveals, head and sill clad in polythene for air tightness

arkwright 4 018

Main front door reveal detail prior to cladding in 15mm OSB

arkwright 4 015

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